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72 VW for sale

72 Bug Convertible-looking for love - Price: $3993 When my wife was 18, before marrying me, she bought this Bug. She drove it till she was 36 and got her first new car, a mini van of course. This was her daily driver for several hundred thousand miles. It's had 3 different engines and two transmissions in it in her ownership. She gave it to our daughter a couple of years ago, but she doesn't like driving a stick (!) and have $$ to fix it up. We've had it for over 30's a member of the family....that needs someone less cruel and won't keep it in the garage. Someone who wants a project.

On the plus side, the engine and trans in it now are good. Both completely rebuild from scratch, first cut on a decent brazilian block, trans by a guy who cares. Dawn and Ted of Dawn's Porsche Restoration in Sacramento (now Ted Blake Restoration). Theres about 50k on then, with regular oil and valve adj. Most of the miles are freeway commute. It runs like it always has and if it weren't so tired cosmetically it would be fine for daily driving.

Odometer is at 58k, but stopped working a few years before we parked it, its really somewhere around 500,000 miles...

Cosmetically it needs about everything, interior, probably paint.

Functionally, rust under the battery/rear-right-floorboad, cable for the trunk is broke. Lots of little stuff. Convertible top is trashed. It wasn't so bad when we parked it, ripped one time when we took if for a spin....Its been in the garage for about 4 years now, we usually start it up once a year. Right front tire has a slow leak.

Give me a call if you have any questions, would like more photos, or can offer me any advice on finding this bug a new home.

More info on this car Here:

Dave @ 530 795 2529